Love // Day 2

Our first fruit to obtain for our fruit bowl is love. Loving someone can be easy…loving someone can be hard. But, one thing is for sure. We are called to love as Christ loves. That means loving those easy to love, those who are hard to love, those who have hurt us, and even those who seem unlovable. The only way to accomplish this is asking God to fill us with His love, with His Holy Spirit and both then flowing from us. With that in mind, reflect on the following steps.



Colossians 3:14 says, “Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony.”

Why do you think love binds people together? How does the absence of love separate people?


A printable download is available here for group study!

Read I John 4:16.

Does this verse give any insight as to why love is a fruit of the Holy Spirit? If so, what?



Read I Corinthians 13:1-13. If you have attended a wedding in the last 50 years, you probably have heard this passage read.

What other attributes does this passage say is important? Why do you think the “greatest of these is love?”



Self reflect with these questions:

Is your love unconditional? For one? For a few? For everyone? Do you love more deliberately or more conveniently?



Pray this prayer:

Lord, thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving us the fruit of the Spirit. Help me to love…to love all, to love deeply, to love those who I don’t like sometimes, to love the unlovable. Pour your love into me that it might flow from me. Let me love like You love. In Jesus name, Amen

Now, you have asked the Lord to love through you which is awesome! On Day 1, I mentioned the co-worker that I found difficult to love. My co-worker didn’t go anywhere, and neither did I. So, I had to give it to God every single day and ask him to love her through me. And, He did. Even when she got the corner office that I secretly wanted, He loved her through me and removed my resentment! Only God can fill you with this kind of love. Keep asking Him every single day!

// Melanie


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Melanie Hill

Melanie Hill holds is a private consultant in the areas of healthcare and public education.  Melanie has been held a variety of positions in the hospice industry for over 20 years.   As a hospice consultant she provides guidance and direction for hospices throughout the country concerning operational and sales leadership.  A a public education consultant she is in program development for a concept known as “community schools.”

Melanie feels blessed to have spoken at many women’s events throughout the southeast for the past 25 years. She has written two Bible studies and enjoys discipleship and biblical teaching.

Melanie and her husband, Walter, are active members of First Baptist Church where she teaches a ladies Sunday School class.  Walter is the CEO of the Wiregrass United Way and they both enjoy traveling.