Goodness // Day 2

As we look at the fruit of goodness this week, I think the most important thing to remember is that kindness is the inward disposition and goodness is the habitual actions in which the disposition shows itself. Both are fruits of the Holy Spirit, and God calls us to have both. Goodness is doing. Goodness is serving others. Goodness can be hard. It is only made possible because of Jesus in us.


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Read I Peter 2:9.  

What Does This Verse Say Is The Result Of Being God’s Chosen People?



Read Romans 14:17 (NLT).  

How is the kingdom of God described in this verse? How can you live a life of goodness in your home, family, church, workplace, or community?



1 Timothy 6:18 in the NIV says, “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.”

Think of three ways God has been good to you. Now think of three ways you can be good to someone else.



Think about different service opportunities within your community or church.   

Make a list of the opportunities. Pray over it and ask God to show you where He wants you to serve.



Read Matthew 25:31-40.

Who does Jesus say we are serving when we visit the sick, the hungry, or those in prison?



Pray this prayer:

Lord, you know me like no one else knows me. You know that I can be so selfish. You know that my heart can grow hard toward helping others. Please make me kind, soft, and tender in my temperament and in my behavior that I may serve you by serving others. Show me where and who you want me to serve. I surrender my life to you and ask you to fill me with goodness through the power of the Holy Spirit. I love you, and I trust you. Amen

You really can trust God to give you direction on where to serve Him. In your season of life, doing good to others may mean caring for little babies, an elderly parent, delivering meals for Love In Action, or mentoring pregnant girls at Wiregrass Hope Group. By serving others, you will serve Him.

// Melanie


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Melanie Hill

Melanie Hill holds is a private consultant in the areas of healthcare and public education.  Melanie has been held a variety of positions in the hospice industry for over 20 years.   As a hospice consultant she provides guidance and direction for hospices throughout the country concerning operational and sales leadership.  A a public education consultant she is in program development for a concept known as “community schools.”

Melanie feels blessed to have spoken at many women’s events throughout the southeast for the past 25 years. She has written two Bible studies and enjoys discipleship and biblical teaching.

Melanie and her husband, Walter, are active members of First Baptist Church where she teaches a ladies Sunday School class.  Walter is the CEO of the Wiregrass United Way and they both enjoy traveling.