The Well // Day Three

Read John 13:6-11

Jesus’ actions have caught Peter completely by surprise and he resists Jesus’ expression of love. How do you feel when God or another person unexpectedly serves you in some way? In what situations are you reluctant to let God or others serve you? Ask the Lord to show you why you resist.

Why does Peter vehemently reverse his position in verse 9? Peter is once again jumping to a wrong conclusion, but Jesus patiently explains to him why he only needs to let Jesus wash his feet. According to verses 10-11, what does it mean to be “clean?” (Keep in mind Judas — an example of someone who is not clean.) Think about your own experience. Have you known Jesus cleansing in a significant way? When and how?


Thank God for cleansing you from sin. Ask him to keep you humble enough to receive his “foot-washing.”