The Well // Day Thirteen

Read John 15:26-27 and John 16:1-4A

In these two verses we see that another function of the Holy Spirit is to testify about Jesus. In many parts of the world today people are becoming Christians as a result of dreams and visions. What are other ways in which the Spirit is actively giving evidence that Jesus is the Son of God?

In addition to the witness of the Holy Spirit, the disciples themselves will tell what they have seen and heard as eyewitnesses who have lived with Jesus for three years. The book of Acts is our record of how the early Christians lived out their testimony. Describe some of the ways they testified about Jesus, both in words and actions (e.g., Acts 2:22-2442-473:1-10). Think of ways that Jesus has been at work in your life. What opportunities has God given you to share these things with those around you? How can you witness to his love in what you do and what you say?

Twice in this passage Jesus gives the reasons for why he has been telling the disciples “all this.” According to verse 2, what is going to happen to the disciples? How could being warned about these things help the disciples to stand firm?

But he hasn’t just warned them; he’s also given them teaching to strengthen and encourage them. Skim chapters 13-15 to remind yourself of all that Jesus has told them in the course of their evening together. How would Jesus’ words to them that night in the upper room help them not to stumble (NRSV, NASV) or go astray (NIV) when they face persecution? What passages in the previous chapters do you find most encouraging or comforting? In what situations in your life might these truths help you?


Thank God for giving you his word to hold onto when you face difficult situations. Pray that you and others you know may feel secure in the love and knowledge of God.