The Well // Day Sixteen

Read John 16:29-33

Consider the declaration the disciples make in verses 29 and 30. They admit that they are only just now coming to believe. What things in Scripture do you find difficult to believe, either at an intellectual level or an emotional level? How does the disciples’ experience encourage you in your journeys to believing?

Though Jesus affirms the disciples’ declaration in verse 30, “This makes us believe that you came from God,” he also tells them plainly that when their belief is tested, they will fail the test. What feelings might Jesus’ words in verse 30 generated in the disciples? What experiences have you had failing to live out what you say you believe?

Throughout this conversation in the upper room Jesus has explained why he is telling them these things:

  • So that they will believe (Jn 14:29)
  • So that they will not go stray (Jn 16:1)
  • So that they will remember his warning (Jn 16:4)

What additional reason does he give in verse 33? What is the basis for this peace? What is the connection between Jesus overcoming the world and the disciples’ peace? If you are feeling inadequate or unfaithful as a disciple of Jesus, how would this passage encourage you?


Confess ways in which you have failed to act on what you believe about Jesus. Thank God that the success of Jesus’ mission does not depend on you. Ask him to fill you with his peace.