The Well // Day Six

Read John 14:1-7

Though Jesus himself has reason to be troubled (and is troubled according to John 13:21), he focuses on the emotional state of his disciples, addressing their fears. What does this tell you about the character of Jesus? What fears are you facing in your life right now that Jesus already knows about? What helps you to trust him when you are feeling afraid, unsure, or disturbed?

Now Jesus begins to explain to them where he is going, using figurative language. What does he reveal about where he is going? How could this information help them to put aside their fears?

Take a few minutes to meditate on this thought: when Jesus left this earth, he went home to get our rooms ready. What perspective does it give you to know that Jesus is preparing a room just for you and is looking forward to taking you to be with him?

As is so often the case, the disciples are on a different wavelength than Jesus. In this passage, what indicates that Thomas has not understood what Jesus was talking about in verses 1-3? How does Jesus’ answer in verse 6 satisfy both questions: Where are you going? And how can we get there?

How does Jesus describe himself? Think of some ways the disciples have seen him to be truth and life during their three years with him. In what ways have you personally experienced Jesus as truth and life?

Not only is Jesus the way to God, but seeing and knowing him is the same as seeing and knowing God. Ask yourself this question: I claim to know God, but how well do I know Jesus? When was the last time you read one of his biographies, or studied a particular teaching of his, or spent time talking with him? What can you do to get to know Jesus better this year and thus deepen your understanding of God?


Ask God to help you trust him with your fears. And pray for increased anticipation of your home in heaven.