The Well // Day Seven

Read John 14:8-14

In this passage we hear from the disciple Philip. Since Jesus has just finished telling them that knowing him is the same as knowing and seeing the Father, why do you think Philip asks this particular question?

Notice that Jesus does not dismiss the question as teachers sometimes do when they think they’ve already answered it and the student just wasn’t listening. Instead, how does Jesus respond in verse 9? What do you think his tone of voice and body language might have been?

In verses 10-11, how does Jesus further describe his relationship to his Father? The word “believe” is repeated three times in these verses, indicating Jesus’ strong desire for the disciples to understand the statement he made in verse 7. Are there some things you know about the Lord that, like Philip, you still have questions about? How does this passage encourage you to keep asking so that you may understand and believe?

Believing that Jesus is one with the Father results in faith in him. And “anyone who has faith” (that includes all believers, not just the disciples) will do what he has done — and even greater things! How do you think Christians might be able to do greater things than Jesus did?

In verse 13, Jesus promises to do “whatever you ask.” How does he qualify this promise? What would it mean for someone to ask for something in your name or on your behalf? What does it really mean to ask for something “in Jesus’ name?”

How would it change your prayers, if your motivation as you pray was for God the to receive the glory?


Pray that your faith in Jesus will show itself in your daily activities. Ask God to give you wisdom to ask for things that will bring him glory.