The Well // Day Nine

Read John 14:25-31

After reminding the disciples that the things he is telling them come from God (verse 24), Jesus once again speaks about the Counselor. What more do we learn about the Counselor from these verses? In what ways has the Holy Spirit taken on these roles in your life? What would your Christian life be like without the Spirit?

Once again Jesus tells the disciples not to be afraid. What does he offer them in the place of fear? What do you think is the difference between the world’s peace and the peace that God gives? How or in what ways have you experienced that difference?

What does it look like when your heart is troubled? When your heart is at peace? What is your heart troubled about right now, either external or internal? In what areas of your life are you experiencing God’s peace?

In this passage, Jesus once again reminds the disciples about his departure and return. He does this to give them cause to believe (verse 29) when they see events unfolding just as he said they would. Why does he tell them they should be glad?

If Jesus lives in the Father and the Father in him (Jn 14:10) and anyone who has seen Jesus has seen the Father (Jn 14:9), what do you think Jesus means when he says the Father is greater than the Son?

In verses 30-31, Jesus explains a bit more about what is going to happen. If you were in the disciples’ shoes, who would you think might be coming for Jesus and why? It’s not clear exactly what the disciples thought “prince of this world” meant, but the encouraging thing is that he “has no hold” on Jesus. How would this information further encourage the disciples not to be afraid? How does knowing that Jesus’ suffering was motivated by obedience (verse 31) give you courage to hold on in difficult times?


Today’s scripture calls us to respond unselfishly in times of trouble, submitting to God’s will in all things. Thank Jesus for being obedient, even to death. Pray about areas of your life where you seem unwilling or unable to submit to his will.