The Well // Day Four


Read John 13:18-30

In this passage, Jesus’ knowledge of who will betray him causes him to be very troubled. Why do you think he tells the disciples that someone in the group is a traitor? If you were sitting around that table, what would you be thinking?

“At Eastern meals it was a common gesture of special friendship for the host to offer a morsel to one of the diners. Jesus’ action, then, seems to say to Judas that in spite of his intention, the Saviour’s love remains unchanged” (F. F. Bruce, ed., The International Bible Commentary [Zondervan, 1986], 1254). In spite of this gesture, Judas continues with his plan. And John lets us know how dark his soul has become by adding this little phrase: “And it was night.” How could Judas’ response be a warning to you and encourage you to stand against Satan when you are tempted?


Ask the Holy Spirit to show you any areas of your life where you are choosing darkness instead of the light of Jesus’ presence. Confess those to God. Then rejoice in his love and mercy.