The Well // Day Five

Read John 13:31-35

Once again Jesus reminds the disciples that his life is reaching its climax. He is about to be glorified, though not in the way they think. His tone here is very tender, like that of a parent patiently instructing siblings on how they are to behave when the parent is gone. How is Jesus’ new command an extension of his exhortation to “wash one another’s feet?” How does it expand the latter?

Jesus sets the bar high by commanding them to love one another as he has loved them. Name some of the ways Jesus has loved you. Think of one sister or brother in the body of Christ whom you find it difficult to love. What are some practical ways you can love that person in the next few days?


The by-product of serving is “blessing” or happiness (John 13:17). The by-product of love within the body is the world recognizing that we belong to Jesus. Ask God to help you love so that others may know Jesus.