The Well // Day Fifteen

Read John 16:23-24

Up to this point, if the disciples had questions or needed something, they asked Jesus directly. How will that change? In your prayer life, whether you are asking a question or asking for something, what is the Father’s role? Jesus’ role? Your responsibility? What does it mean to ask “in Jesus’ name?” (cf Jn 14:13-14)

In the previous passage, Jesus has told the disciples that their grief at losing him will turn to joy when they see him again. But “in that day” (after Jesus has died, risen from the dead, and ascended to the Father), their joy will be complete. What is going to complete their joy? Think of some things you have prayed for and received that have given you joy. Can there be joy if what you receive is not what you asked for? What do you want to ask God for today for yourself? Your colleagues? Your family? Your fellowship group? Your church?


List those things you want to ask God the Father for in Jesus’ name. Continue asking until you receive an answer. Look for ways in which a “no” answer actually completes your joy rather than diminishes it.