The Well // Day Eleven

Read John 15:9-11

In the context of the vine metaphor, Jesus once again reminds the disciples that he loves them. From these verses, what more do you learn about what it means to remain in Jesus? What an encouragement to know that when Jesus asks us to remain in him, he is not asking us to do anything he has not already done! He has spent his whole life obeying the Father and staying connected to his love. And he asks his disciples to do the same.

In verse 11 Jesus introduces the concept of joy. The metaphor that began in verse 1 with the painful process of pruning now culminates in joy. And we can have the same joy that Jesus has. Where does his joy come from? Name some of the ways in which obeying God has brought you joy.


Take a few minutes to sit quietly, meditating on the fact that Jesus loves you. You are his beloved child. Ask him to show you ways in which you can joyfully obey him today.