The Well // Day Eight


Read John 14:15-21a

In chapter 13 Jesus talked about his love for the disciples and the need for them to love one another. In this passage he begins and ends by talking about their love for him. What does Jesus say is the natural outgrowth of the disciples’ love for him? What commands of Jesus’ do you find difficult to obey? How does this reflect the depth of your love for him? Based on past experience, what is it that deepens your love for Jesus?

In verse 16, Jesus introduces the Counselor who will be a topic of conversation throughout the next several chapters. What do you learn about the Counselor from verses 16 and 17? Note that the Greek word parakētos has several meanings, including “one who is called alongside” and “someone who helps another in court,” and therefore has a variety of translations in English: Counselor (NIV), Comforter (YLT), Helper (NASV), Advocate (TNIV). What unique nuance does each translation add to your overall understanding of the Counselor?

There is some debate among scholars about the meaning of “I will come to you” in verse 18. Does Jesus mean they will see him again after his death and resurrection? Or does he mean that he will come to them in the person of the Holy Spirit after he has left this earth? Regardless of the interpretation, how would Jesus’ words bring comfort to the troubled and confused disciples? How could the interweaving of the Father, Son, Spirit, and you (verse 20) help you to love and obey Jesus?


Ask the Spirit to show you ways in which you are being called to obey Jesus. Respond with gratefulness for the ways Jesus has demonstrated his love for you.