Day 1 // Are You Sure?

Read: John 1:1-18, 2 Peter 1:3

Over twenty years ago, I sat in a circle in a Community Bible Study class and was asked by my leader, “Are you sure you’re a Christian?” I had been in a pew every Sunday most of my life, I believed in God and Jesus, but it seemed to make no difference in the decisions I made. Many of the choices I made as a teenager and young adult didn’t line up with what most Christian parents want for their daughters.

I went home that night after Bible study and prayed some form of, “Jesus, forgive me. Jesus, I want the free gift of eternal life offered by you.”

That day, the truth of John 1:12 exploded into my heart and life. I felt like my world shifted from being all about me to all about God and what He was up to in the world. I had a new ability to walk away from things I had done before and to walk in God’s direction.

It really was that simple. All my sin and rebellion was forgiven, and I was given all I needed for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).

However, living out over the long haul all that we have been given can be incredibly challenging. We live in a world that tells us life is in a new car, an amazing man, a fulfilling career, a great figure, or any number of other options.

So, where is life? How do we find and maintain a rich and satisfying life anyway?

Quite frankly, at 46 years old I am still figuring it out. For the past several years of raising children, I thought that life was in my family. I needed them to be “ok” for me to be “ok.” That makes for a bumpy road. You may be looking for life in your marriage, work, or stuff.

The truth is nothing in this world can satisfy us 24/7. Worshipping people or stuff that God created is a dead end.

These powerful verses in John tell us that Jesus is life, light, creator, grace, truth, and blessings. True life is found in Jesus. Dr. Constable, Bible commentator and professor at Dallas Theological Seminary writes about the book of John, “John's purpose for unbelievers is that they might obtain eternal life, and his purpose for believers is that they might experience abundant eternal life.”

As we place Jesus front and center letting Him direct our path, we will find a life that is both rich and satisfying. Studying the book of John will help us direct our attention to the life of Jesus Christ and will help us see where we are looking to find our lives.

My new daily prayer is something like this:

Jesus, I need your life. Fill me up. If you don’t, I will take my needy self and beg others to do what only you can do. I trust You will fill me. When you do, I will be able to pour your life on others. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.


In your Going Deeper Participant Guide, let’s look at Day 1 beginning on page 3. Complete Look at the Details and Personal Application sections. Then come back here and share your answer to the following discussion question in the comment section below. (You can find the comment section at the bottom of this message. Just scroll down and you’ll see the words “Post a Comment.” Click there and share your responses.)

 "If Jesus is full of grace and truth, what do you feel like you need in this season of your life? More grace or more truth and why?"

I will be posting my responses in the comment section too, so I hope to see you there!

Thanks for going on this journey together! #undividedwomen


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