The Ordering of What We Love // Introduction

Do you truly love me more than these?
— John 21:15

Just try to imagine your husband, child, or best friend asking you this question. Your husband might be pointing at your children. Your children might be pointing at your cell phone. Your best friend might be pointing at other people. They are asking because they really want to know by your words and your actions, “Do you truly love me more than these/more than this?”

People, things, and projects are in a desperate competition for your heart. How your heart is ordered will determine your life and ultimately enable you to love people in a way that is game on - powerful and life changing.

Please join Undivided Women in The Ordering of What We Love – A Study in the Book of John starting online February 10th. We will study the life of Jesus and investigate what a true love for Him looks like. Each week will have readings in the book of John, devotional material, an opportunity for you to dig into the Word, and discussion questions for a group. You will see posts on the Undivided Women website every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Just think - you will have the opportunity to study through the whole book of John during the Lent season. The series will finish up on March 25th – Good Friday.

The study will include questions that you are perfect for your own personal study or for small group discussion. So, you might want go grab some women from your church, neighborhood, or work and gather around the table and discover what it means to truly love Jesus.

We hope you will join us!

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