Leading Well.

We want to provide tools to help you lead well and for your groups to use as study materials, to connect to other believers and to learn how to help and embrace others.

Undivided Women gives churches the unique opportunity to connect the unchurched woman to the local church.


How do I start a small group?

Leading a small group does not have to be scary. You do not have to be the smartest person in the room about anything. You just have to be willing to gather some friends, facilitate them talking, and create a safe environment.

1. Gather some friends. You can do this! Just invite some friends from your work, church, or neighborhood. Pick a place and a time. Decide how much you want to meet. Once a month, twice, or weekly.

2. Facilitate them talking. This just takes a little prep work. Use Undivided Women content or any good content and look back over what you studied. Pick out some things to discuss or use questions provided by the material.

3. Create a safe environment. Everyone needs to feel safe. This means you encourage them to share and are kind about everyone’s answers. You also want people to feel like what they share in the group stays in the group. Discuss the issue of confidentiality and stick to it!

If you are starting a group with Undivided Women’s materials, please click the Let Us Know box on the right of your screen. We are cheering for you!

Hosting An Undivided Women Small Group?

If you or your church is hosting a public Undivided Women Small Group, please let us know! Just fill out the form from the link below and we'll help you spread the word!

For Ministry Leaders

Undivided Women wants to help you and your church lead women to a deeper relationship with Christ and their community. We want to provide you with resources through our on-line Bible studies, leadership gatherings and coaching on leading small groups.