Let's thrive, and not just survive. 

At Undivided Women, we believe the Word of God is life-giving. We want to encourage women to live their lives to the fullest by understanding and applying Scripture. We do this by offering online Bible studies that can be done anytime, anywhere. What makes Undivided Women unique is that our studies are written by women from different generations. Undivided Women will bring you studies that walk you through a book of the Bible as well as topical studies to help you grow in your faith. Our heart is to help women thrive, not just survive in this sometimes overwhelming and crazy world. 

Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.
— John 17:17

As we study the Word of God, we are better connected. The Word of God is best understood in community. We hope that you will take these studies and share them with women in your world: your church, your work, and your friends. These studies are meant to be a tool for you to connect with women in a way that works for you. You could gather with your women once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly. Whatever works for you! Each study will include discussion questions to make facilitation easy. So, grab your friends and let's get started!

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
— John 10:10



Do you ever feel like you are chasing perfection?

Perfection is passion, an ideal that makes us feel so strongly about the matters of our hearts that we act in ways that make us later feel shame and unworthiness, like we will never quite measure up. Passion doesn’t always lead to positive results. How can we pursue perfection without becoming undone?

In Invited, Bible teacher Christen Price weaves together personal stories with a practical party planning handbook as she shares about her own struggle with perfection when she moved home and began to build community. Her desire for perfection causes her to experience anxiety and meltdown when parties (and life!) don’t always go as planned.


Recently, our team sat down to map out the spring calendar for Undivided Women's online Bible studies. We ran through several great ideas for Lent, but after much prayer and discussion, we decided as a group that the best thing that we needed for the next six weeks was a time of reflection and rejuvenation. We needed breathing room to draw close to God, and remember what Christ did for us on the cross so that we could have fresh perspective as we make plans for future studies. Therefore, we have decided to take a new direction with our online Bible study for the next 40 days. Instead of creating a new study, we are going to participate in a study that already exists, written by the women at The Well. 

The Well is a website designed to support women in graduate and professional schools and women faculty as they seek, in their full and complex lives, to be followers of Christ. The Well provides relevant articles, life stories, mentoring, event announcements, and resources for these women and those ministering to them. The Well is a ministry of Women in the Academy & Professions, a division of InterVarsity's Graduate & Faculty Ministries. 


Throughout our lives, we set up tidy wish lists for ourselves. We plan out and dream up our futures and dreams with great detail. For our study, we’re going to call the individual items on these lists unopened packages. Let’s imagine together that we’ve wrapped up each of the items on our wish list. These lovely boxes will lay dormant until the precisely right moment, when it’s time open them up and live the life we’ve dreamt. We know what is inside each, but cannot open it until God allows.

But life. But life is hard, and our perfectly precious dreams don’t always come true like we’ve expected. Life’s unexpected can leave us confused, hurt, and often completely broken. Certain packages dutifully sit, waiting to be opened while they collect dust, becoming distractions and disappointments inhibiting the life we have been called to live out.

Four Old Testament women can relate. Join us as we peel back the layers of Sarah, Rahab, Naomi and Ruth; each with a very different story, but alike in that their lives did not align to what they probably had on their own wish list. Together we’ll uncover the truths of unopened packages, and find freedom in what God really wants us to do with them. Please join Undivided Women in a new six-week study, Unopened, written by wiregrass local, Rachel Davidson.  The study will begin Monday, January 9.


This holiday season, Undivided Women will utilize our online Bible Study to bring women together by sharing holiday traditions that are near and dear to the hearts of the women of the wiregrass. We will share traditions that have been passed down through families for generations as well as new traditions. Most importantly we will share traditions that encourage women to draw near to the Lord, unite family and friends together, and find joy in the true meaning of the holidays. We know there is a fight against commercialism, over scheduling, and allowing stress to creep in during these busy months and our hope is to encourage and inspire women with these bi-weekly devotionals that share holiday traditions in November and December. This study will begin on Monday, November 14.

Please join Undivided Women in a new six-week study, A Winning Warrior, written by Dothan native and published author, Margaret Kennedy.  As we approach our nation’s next presidential election, this powerful study compels women to suit up with the Armor of God using biblical truths. The study concludes with a call to prayer for our nation and prayer prompts as we head into the week of the election. The study will begin on Monday, October 3 with posts online every Monday and Wednesday.


Undivided Women along with Wiregrass Hope Group are offering an upcoming study, Free From Anxiety. There are three ways for you to be involved and fight against your anxiety: a live Bible study at Wiregrass Hope Group, reading devotions here on our website on Mondays and Wednesdays and following along in the book, and hosting this study in your church or living room!

Starting Thursday, August 18th, Wiregrass Hope Group will be hosting a seven-week Bible study at lunch from 11:45-1:15. During this time, Yvonne Reid and other women's counselors from Wiregrass Hope Group will lead through the book, Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. To sign up for this study, please contact Kristen Kite at 334-793-3678 or kkite@wiregrasshopegroup.com. Resources will also be available online for individuals to lead this study in their churches or homes.

This summer, we have asked thirty women from our community for advice on husbands, heirs, and homes. These women are just like all of us, busy and distracted, but also have a heart to seek God on how to live their lives. We will feature posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and you’ll receive a piece of Scripture, a personal story, and questions for reflection. We know summer is busy but hope that these devotionals will encourage you and let you know that you are not alone in your struggles!

God calls all Christians to develop the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The NLT version says it best to author Melanie Hill, “But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives…” It is not up us to produce the fruit. It is up to the Holy Spirit. It is up to us to be flexible, to be completely open to God, and to desire God’s work in our life more than anything. Join us in this study, What’s in Your Fruit Bowl?, to learn what fruit should be in your fruit bowl and what God expects us to do with it. Posts will be available every Monday and Wednesday.

People, things, and projects are in a desperate competition for your heart. How your heart is ordered will determine your life and ultimately enable you to love people in a way that is game on - powerful and life changing.

Please join Undivided Women in The Ordering of What We Love – A Study in the Book of John starting online February 10th. We will study the life of Jesus and investigate what a true love for Him looks like. Each week will have readings in the book of John, devotional material, an opportunity for you to dig into the Word, and discussion questions for a group. You will see posts on the Undivided Women website every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 


Challenge yourself to begin this year by asking God what His plans are for you. What if, for 21 days, you focused on what God wants for your life? If you accept this challenge, you will commit to praying with the purpose of learning how to have an undivided heart for God in a very divided world. Are you in?