When God Creates Something New

 Donna Granberry

Donna Granberry

Today we are excited to have a guest post from one of our community outreach team members, Donna Granberry. God has given Donna a passion to minister and walk alongside women in discipleship settings. In today’s post, Donna shares about Undivided Women’s launch party this past January and why she’s excited about being part of this ministry.

// Undivided Women Launch Party Re-Cap!

After months of meeting and praying, eleven other ladies and I invited our friends and ministry peers to a night of prayer. Our team of twelve shared our hearts for a brand new concept called Undivided Women. After sharing the beginning nuts and bolts of Undivided Women we embarked into a time of prayer with our guest. Through the prayer service it was obvious that God was bringing Undivided Women to a fertile field for this type of ministry.

This enthusiasm and affirmation fueled the plan for a night of worship and unveiling to more ladies across our community. Calls were made, emails sent, and social media buzzed with the announcement of a launch party to be held January 11th. Our team was overjoyed and humbled that God would knit us together to begin such a unique tool that could be used on so many levels and to an unlimited number of ladies.

God blessed us at our January 11th launch party with women from all walks of life and denominations. Excitement and praise filled the room as we joined in worship at our launch party. Women were eager to hear more about Undivided Women. Throughout the evening, members of our team shared that Undivided Women wanted to connect women to the word of God and to each other through online Bible studies, local events, and community outreach. Our founders shared that “God was beginning something new” in our community and I couldn’t agree more. The chatter in the room was definitely that of open hearted women enthused to be a part of everything presented.

As I looked across the room, witnessing over one hundred ladies worship together, I stood in awe of God. As the service closed I spoke with ladies that were eager to begin the online bible study. Several saying they had been looking for studies with similar parameters just as the studies Undivided Women will be offering. Forty-three women filled out cards saying they wanted to help in specific areas of the ministry. God seemed to confirm the purpose of our new endeavor as each lady exited the party.

Thankful for the sense of confirmation and with acknowledgment of God’s grace I turned to begin to clean up. I was silenced when I saw a group huddled together in prayer. For several minutes members of the team and other attendees wrapped their arms around a young women and prayed over her. This young lady happened to remember one of our team members from a very broken time in her life. She wanted to let her know how God had been faithful to equip her to move from that place of brokenness to a solid foundation. She had attended the launch party out of curiosity. She wanted to see if she could mentor women whose lives were broken just as she had been mentored in her time of brokenness. God had brought her through that time and she wanted to use her story as a witness to others. A true product of what we pray God will use Undivided Women for in His kingdom.

I am so excited for the future and how God will unfold this ministry to be exactly what His will is for us all. If you are looking for rest or inspiration as a leader and tools to help you complete the task that God has called you to, you will want to be involved in Undivided Women.


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