I Wouldn't Do It For You If I Could!

 Kristi smith

Kristi smith

Undivided Women reached out to local Bible teacher, Kristi Smith, to ask her to encourage us to dig into the Word of God. Here is what she told us...

Over the last few decades, some of my most fruitful and productive work has been the time I spent studying the Bible and attending Bible study classes. Through them, God has made some miraculous changes in my life. All alone in my room, studying the Bible, God has made Himself known. He has changed my thought processes, and He has let me know more and more of Him resulting in an intimate relationship. He has done this through His own Spirit, Who lives in me and teaches me the truth as I read and ponder the Word.  In many places, the Bible says that to him who has, more will be given. I started out with a small knowledge of God, but as I faithfully studied He has revealed more and more of Himself to me. I believe that the more a believer seeks Him in His Word the more of Himself He gives that believer in return.

My most favorite part of Bible study is when God reveals something marvelous to me. I call it an “Aha! Moment.” To me it is like when a magician pulls a black cloth off of something and says “Ta da!” It is a moment of discovery when Scripture comes to life in such a remarkable way that it astounds me.

As I have studied over the years, God has given me many “aha!” moments of revelation when Scripture came to life in such a remarkable way that it astounds me. Most sermons and class lectures center on a teacher’s own “aha!” moments. As we study, God gives us those moments. But if you don’t study you are missing out! If you do not open your Bible you are never going to have any of those encounters. I wouldn’t do it for you if I could. I yearn for you to have those experiences yourself. If you will study God’s Word He will begin giving you “aha” moments and you will reap the spiritual rewards and growth that only come from time alone with God and His Word. The Bible says God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. 

For example, once when I was studying the Gospel of John and read chapter 1 it struck me that only two books of the Bible (Genesis and John) begin with the same 3 words. “In the beginning…” I knew John was making a point but I didn’t know exactly what that point was. It bothered me, and I pondered it. So I prayed and asked God to guide me into all truth by His Spirit and to help me understand what He wanted me to know.

Later I was still pondering as I was driving in my car and listening to a cd of my pastor’s Bible study series on John. If Genesis and John begin the same way with the same three words and both focus on light and darkness there was something to it. In Genesis, Jesus created physical life from void and darkness; in John, Jesus created spiritual life (in each believer) in their spirits, which were also void and dark.

These parallels were then highlighted throughout the rest of the Gospel of John. There were those who should have immediately recognized and believed in Jesus because they were Jewish experts in the Law (Nicodemus); but they didn’t. And then there were those who were so flawed we might think they should never have been allowed to become believers in Jesus as Messiah (the next 3 stories of the woman at the well, the Roman official, the blind man); but they did. These stories showed how deep the darkness was, how incapable we are to get out of it, and how miraculous God’s grace is. That Jesus reveals Himself to those He chooses and that He dispels our spiritual darkness with His own Spiritual Light and Life is a cause for great celebration. Now THAT is an “Aha! Moment!”

Encounters like that are why I study my Bible, and I don’t want you to miss out on having them in your own life. I encourage you, my sisters, to open your Bibles and begin digging deeper into the wealth of God’s Word. You can do it. God will enable you to do so. And as a result, God will greatly reward your efforts!

Kristi Smith has been blessed to be the wife of Dr. Joe Frank Smith for 30 years. They are the parents of two boys, Jordan and Hugh Andrew, who both currently attend the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University.Since moving to Dothan in 1991, Kristi has attended Precept Bible Studies and after training became an instructor in 2001. She currently leads a Tuesday morning Precept class at First Baptist Church Dothan. This non-denominational study is open to all and is a joint venture between First Baptist and Grace Anglican Church, her home church.Kristi and Joe Frank now live outside of Dothan and own Windy Ridge Farm, LLC, a Paso Fino Horse Ranch that also hosts weddings and special events.

At Undivided Women, we are excited to offer you an opportunity to dig into God’s Word. Starting February 10th, we will begin our study through the book of John. Whether you are new to Bible study or you have been at it a long time, we believe this study will offer you a chance to have a fresh encounter with the living God. We will offer three posts a week with a reading in John, a devotional, and a study guide for digging deeper. The study guide will include discussion questions. So, grab some friends and study the book of John with us!