Rachel Moore // Heirs

My daughter consistently says she is going to be a cowgirl/doctor/mommy one day. So naturally, when it came to be career day at our co-op, she wore a pink cowgirl hat and a stethoscope. Would I be proud if she achieved these goals? Yes. Does it make or break her? No.

We all have titles in our lives. Our roles at work, home, church, and where we volunteer give us titles. I like to call the titles the world gives, “subtitles.” These “subtitles” look different for each of us, and they can be a beautiful thing when we are using our God-given talents and abilities. When my second little one came along I forfeited one of those subtitles to become a stay at home mom. This was a major struggle at first. I would be asked,  "So what do you do for a living?" Well, I guess nothing, but I do haul these littles around. Do I still matter? Do I still have a shot at impressing you? These were my unhealthy thoughts and attitudes.

Basing our significance in any title or subtitle is shaky ground because in an instant it could be taken away, or it isn't good enough, or it breeds pride.

As I think about my cowgirl/doctor/mommy, I hope she will grow to understand the most important title we have, child of God. Our significance is not in any titles other than the ones given to us by God and the finished work of Jesus Christ. Once we have placed our belief and trust in Jesus Christ then we have certain truths we can live by; He made us, He redeemed us, we belong to him twice over. Knowing these truths gives us the confidence to launch into all of our other roles.  

  • Read Psalm 100:2-3 and 2 Timothy 1:8-11. Who does God say that we are?
  • Take some time to think about what the Bible says God calls you. Is this more important to you than your other titles? Are you secure enough to obediently give up titles or even take on new ones?

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// Rachel

Rachel Moore is a child of God, a stay at home/homeschooling mom of Anabel (5) and Jack (3) and wife of youth pastor Josh Moore for 10 years, whom she met at Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.