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While Paul wrote these words more than 2,000 years ago, these verses can speak to us today about hospitality and serving others in our homes. Honestly, I humbly admit that hospitality is a gift God has blessed me with to enjoy. Opening our home is fun for me.

Some of you are shaking and sweating at the thought of opening your home - be it to family, friends or strangers - I do understand. Teaching and speaking are not my gifts. Yet through the years, our Lord has led me to do both - a lot. Much sweating and shaking. But I knew it was what I was to do at the time. I have taught young women a study called, Apples of Gold. It has been out of my comfort zone at times, but God has shown up and made it meaningful for the women. There will be ways that all of us are called to serve outside of our comfort zones, and those times give us opportunities to depend on God and see how He will provide.

When you feel led to open your home to others, remember that the size of your heart is more important than the size of your wallet or what you see as the gift of hospitality. I have entertained many more times on a shoestring budget than on a generous one. Pray to be equipped to open your home with a sense of contentment. I know many with “perfect” material dwellings who still struggle and are gripped with fear in this area. In my home, I have always struggled with clutter. Not cleaning, clutter. Years ago, I joined an internet site “Flylady.” I am sent daily emails and reminders keeping me aware of home life challenges. There are many resources today to help you in the areas you feel weak!

Often entertaining our Sunday School class happens on our patio. We provide burgers, and everyone brings a dish. We have mismatched card tables, chairs, and dollar store tablecloths. We have more love and laughter than words can describe out there! So, don’t despair, your heart’s desire to provide a place for others to gather and connect with God is so much more important than where they sit or what they eat!

  • Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-9.
  • How does this passage encourage you to open your home?
  • What are your fears when it comes to opening your home?

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// Mitzi

Mitzi is 62 years old and has been married to her husband Mark for 39 years as of Aug 13 this year. They have two children. Joe is married to Kate, and they have Claude, 4 and Dawn, 2. Casey is married to Winston Busby, and they have 21-month-old Frances. Mark and Mitzi are members of First Baptist Church, Dothan.