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  The House That Built Me   Margaret Kennedy's childhood home

The House That Built Me  Margaret Kennedy's childhood home

Growing up in a tiny, two-bedroom home that was built by my grandfather as a gift to my single mom, my brother, and me - God showed me the importance of opening the gift of home.  We were “dirt poor.” We had to charge our groceries, yet the doors to that meager home were always open. It was the favorite place for my extended family to converge and some even came to live with us temporarily.  My grandfather built a huge table that was always covered with a plastic table cloth. It was always crowded and cramped with people.  I learned so much around that table, sitting on the sidelines on my small stool. It was the house that built me. I saw people laugh, cry, pray, praise, and a few other things from my mom and the others who filled our home!  

Because that home had swinging doors, God taught me as a little girl that when my Father provided me with the gift of a home, it too would need to have open doors so that my home could be a place for laughter, tears, joy, prayer, and praise. A gift isn’t really received until it is opened. Even the gift of a home.   

Though my current home was hand designed by my late husband, decorated by me, and constructed by one of our best friend builders, I still recognize and thank God for my home.  Every good gift is from Him. And my responsibility is to “open that gift.”

My husband passed away over two years ago, and people often ask me when I am going to down-size. My answer is always this: when my Father stops needing to use His home. Until then, in appreciation for this gift, the doors will always remain open.

  • Read Romans 12:9-13.
  • Have you ever thanked God for the gift of your home? For a gift to be fully appreciated, it must be opened, and the appreciation for the gift must be shared with the giver.
  • Has your home become a dwelling place only?  A place to sleep and eat?  Or perhaps a show place to impress others?
  • Why not reevaluate your gift of home.  Check the front and back doors to see if they are “open.” What keeps you from opening your home?

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// Margaret

Margaret Kennedy received Jesus in her heart at nine-years-old at the altar of her home church, Ridgecrest Baptist, where she is a charter member. She loves to teach His Word and to share her life with young women. Her calling has been carried out through a daily radio program called "Threads of Hope" and a weekly radio program called "Kingdom Seekers". Through these ministries, Margaret has been able to lead ladies retreats for over thirty years. While also working as a LifeWay Ministry Multiplier, traveling to churches and teaching women to lead other women, Margaret wrote a book entitled "Heart Friends" explaining how to practice these principles. On a personal note, Margaret has two sons and five grands. She has grieved the loss of two precious mates. She continues to teach a ladies class, travel and speak, mentor young women to teach, and live and move daily in Christ, asking Him each day: how can I serve you best today?