Kristen Kite // Heirs

I remember, as a college student, going to a conference where the subject of “God’s calling on your life” had everyone talking. When asked what God was calling me to, all I could think to say was, “I think He has called me to be a mom.” I answered this knowing in my heart that this could mean being a motherly figure or big sister to kids at a children’s home or in my neighborhood, not just my own kids. I thought it was a silly answer compared to everyone else’s, but I wrote it in my journal and moved along.

A few years later, I was working in a college ministry trying not to be bitter about my singleness in the midst of wedding showers. We had many international girls signed up to practice English through reading the book of John. One day a girl handed me a card that read, “To My American Sister.”  As I drove home, I could not stop thinking about what the Lord had shown me a few years before at that conference. Could it be that being a mom in this season of my life meant mentoring these college students? As I scanned through the sweet faces of girls in our ministry, I realized the ones I had become the closest to had tough relationships with their mothers. Being in these college student’s lives, discipling them, and encouraging them in their relationships was different than the little kids I had imagined “mothering,” but it was an awesome experience.   

It has been such a JOY to be a cheerleader, prayer warrior, and friend to these girls and so many more! I’m so glad I did not miss what The Lord was showing me to do with my season of singleness, and that he allowed me to have several “Spiritual Heirs” in a way I would have never expected! I have been able to see many mother-daughter relationships restored in the lives of these dear friends, and I have also seen God do beyond what they could have ever imagined through them! They are leaders, presidents of their sororities, disciplers, seminary students, missionaries in their hometowns and other countries, and running hard after Jesus!

Now I’m married with new opportunities to disciple. My husband and I get to lead a Sunday school class of young married couples. My job at Wiregrass Hope Group allows me to build relationships with many new moms. I also enjoy being a part of a neighborhood Bible study that goes through the Undivided Women studies. God has shown me that even though I do not have children of my own, there are many ways to be a spiritual mother. No matter where we are or what season of life we are in, we are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Read James 4:14. James says our lives are like a mist.  
  • What are you doing now with the desires that God has put on your heart?
  • Who has been a spiritual mother or mentor in your life?
  • Who has God placed around you right now that you can pour into?
  • Read Ephesians 3:14-21. Think about your season of life.
  • What are the limitations of this season?
  • What are the possibilities your season presents?

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// Kristen

Kristen moved to Dothan from Pensacola, Florida three years ago and met her Brad. They just celebrated one year of marriage this past February. Kristen works at Wiregrass Hope Group and attends Calvary Baptist Church.