Kim Ledbetter // Husbands & Heirs

My twenty-one-year-old mind raced as I sat, unwed, in the student health clinic and tried to absorb the life-changing words of the nurse: “You are six weeks pregnant.”

Immediately, my spirit was flooded with such profound guilt, shame, and fear that I became limp with remorse. I was absolutely stunned as I realized that it took my getting CAUGHT in my sin before I was brought to repentance. I identified with Peter, who willingly denied his beloved Christ three times but was not shaken by his sin until the cock crowed. I was thoroughly broken and wept bitterly.

Startling me out of my thoughts, the nurse proclaimed, “I can help you fix this.” As it sunk in that she was calmly suggesting abortion, a palpable sense of evil enveloped me. But, praises be to God, in my moment of deepest despair, the God of light and life and hope manifested Himself mightily! He gave sight to my tear-blinded eyes (“Choose life!”), courage to my weak heart (“I will strengthen you!”), and wings to my leaden feet (“Flee!”). I RAN from that place.

Today, many years and many hurdles later, my husband and I are humbled and thankful that God carried us through that crisis. He not only blessed us with a precious daughter seven months after that pivotal day, but He has proven countless times that He is always faithful.

In that seemingly dreadful moment when my dreams for my life ended, God was creating the very foundations of my blessed marriage and family. Whatever trouble you face, no matter how dark, trust in the loving God of hope and life, whose character is infinitely perfect!

  • Read I John 1:9 and Deuteronomy 30:19.
  • Have you ever trusted in God when you felt your dreams had ended? If not, why not? If yes, how did He show His faithfulness to you?
  • If you have ever rationalized that you could handle your life choices independent of God’s wisdom, how did God reveal His strength and righteous character to you through that experience?

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// Kim

Kim and Chuck eloped two days after their clinic visit. They continued to be humbled by what it means to be saved by grace, sealed in the Spirit, and serving in gratitude. By God’s grace, they have been married for over 31 years. God has blessed them with three cherished daughters (all born before their fourth anniversary), two wonderful sons-in-law, and the three greatest grandchildren in the world! Over the years, Kim has been a stay-at-home mom, a high school teacher, a school librarian, and the primary caregiver for her grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s. She enjoys volunteering in her church and her community and sharing about God’s amazing grace!