Katie Holland // Heirs


It was one of those rare moments when my young adult daughter wanted to talk about life. We were talking about all of her newly found freedoms in young adulthood as well as the challenges that go along with them. She did most of the talking. It was all I could do just to listen as she shared frustrations of about school work, managing finances at college, activities and expectations of people. I listened and waited (both of which do not come easily for me!). And then there it was! The question…, ”So Mom, what am I supposed to do about all of this?“

Immediately a flood of all my decisions, both good and bad, came to mind. I sent up a panicked prayer, “Lord, please give me the words!” And just as quickly as the prayer went up, the words came out! I told her to listen closely because I was about to tell her THE SECRET- THE SECRET to life! I wish I had understood the power of THE SECRET at her age and how simple THE SECRET really is.   

So here it is…

Put God FIRST in all you do and He will take care of the rest!

I was almost 30 years old before I took THE SECRET to heart. I had heard THE SECRET before, but I had not ever truly put it into action. THE SECRET changed my marriage, transformed our finances, and how we related to others. When life gets off track, God reminds me of THE SECRET and gets me back on track. Often, God reminds me through my most well-intentioned plans blowing up in my face because they are my plans and not His. In our finances, we always seemed to come up short. When we started giving to God first in our finances, provision seemed to be around every corner. We started to eat out less, buy fewer clothes and have some backyard vacations. I knew from experience that putting God first was truly THE SECRET.

Soooo….I told my daughter that I suspected she already knew THE SECRET, but it was now up to her to decide how long it takes before she lives it out.

Pray for your children to remember Who they belong to and to have the courage to seek HIM above all else.

  • Read Galatians 1:10 and Proverbs 3:6.
  • Who is it daily that you are trying to please? What things are competing for first place in your life?
  • What do you need to change?

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// Katie

Katie Holland has been married to Bill Holland for 24 years. They have two girls, ages 20 and 17. Katie previously served as Director of Older Adults at FUMC but is currently serving as Director of Respite Care Ministry at First United Methodist Church. Respite Care is a ministry that serves those suffering from dementia and their caregivers.