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“Draw your circle of love bigger.” Those were words my mom gave me when I first married.  I didn’t appreciate the power of it at the time.  I was newly married - what did I know?

But through the years, many times over, it would come back to me: “draw your circle of love bigger.”

Looking back, there are so many times I didn't make that choice.  I didn’t initiate love. Be the first to offer an apology. Enter into a difficult conversation for the sake of healing. Stop what I was doing to look in their eyes, or hold them on my lap, or just listen.  Keep my mouth shut.  Hold steady when I wanted to scream and shout… And I regret those missed opportunities.  But there are some times that by God’s grace and because of the Holy Spirit living in me, I got it right.  I don’t regret those choices. 

“Drawing your circle of love bigger” as a wife and as a mother is a daily choice - a place to persevere in prayer. It doesn't come naturally.  God is faithful!  In those moments when the fast pace dictates, when stress and tension are a felt presence, when it looks like there is not a path forward… Ask Him! “Lord, will You use me to make Your love known in our home today?” Ask Him to make you willing.  Tell Him you want to be the one.  “Draw your circle of love bigger.”

  • Read the following verses in your Bible or hover over each verse for quick reference: Philippians 2:1-8 and I John 4:19.
  • Can you think of some practical ways that you could “draw your circle of love bigger” today or this week? With your husband? With your children? With extended family?

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// Katherine

Katherine and her husband Bo just celebrated their 29th anniversary. They have 4 wonderful children: Connor, 26; Hudson, 25; Jonathan, 21 and Frances, 17. They are soon to be empty nesters! They are thankful EVERY DAY for God’s grace on their family. Katherine teaches K-4 at First Presbyterian Church and loves getting the chance to be with little ones each day since her house is a little too quiet now!