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I know...I get it. It's late at night and you're physically tired, mentally drained, and emotionally exhausted. You just want to zone out on some form of technology, read a book for inspiration, paint your nails, or simply pass out. Excuses come to mind like: well, I have a hundred other things I need to get done. It's a dry season of connectivity for us, and plus, I just took a bath. I don't feel good/open. Well, he didn't speak my love language first, so I'm going to be selfish and stubborn too! Any of those sound familiar? I hope not, but let's be open, honest, and real. When I was invited to write on Husbands, Heirs, & Homes, the Lord specifically told me to speak about marital intimacy. It was confirmed by my prayer partner, who is a Christian counselor, and before I shared with her what God laid on my heart, she reassuringly stated, "Wives need to know how important it is to have sex with their husbands on a regular basis." Brides, we have allowed little foxes to come in and destroy some of our beautiful gardens. Wives, it's time to repent and replant! We all have feelings, opinions, problems, insecurities, and comparisons when it comes to the bedroom, but let's go to His Word and discover how to be obedient to what He says and live by the Spirit. We need to act upon our vows and view this as the celebration and gift God intended!

The foundation to be “one” with our husbands in finances, parenting, and friendship starts in the bedroom. Time to respect, honor, worship, grow, and serve with honeymooning! Be blessed my sisters and glorify God with your offering! Initiate keeping yourself spotless while 'help-mating' your hubby to stay pure too!

  • Read 1 Corinthians 7:3-5, Hebrews 13:4, Ephesians 5:24 and Genesis 9:7.
  • Having a prayer time, date night, and some pillow talk helps to move things along in the right direction for my spouse and me.
  • What helps you and yours?

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// Jessica

Jessica Green a is a stay at home wife to Jamey Green and mom to two little girls, Ava and Adyson. She is a member of Covenant United Methodist Church, where she serves as a small group leader in the youth program and teaches Sunday school on rotation for the children's ministry. Jessica attends community Bible study, volunteers at the Wiregrass Hope Group and is part of a missions driven neighborhood small group.