Jennifer Blair // Heirs

We were a day and a half into potty training and morale was low. With no progress in sight it felt like my world was spinning down into chaos. It was my craziest, busiest month to date. I felt like I had been shoved dozens of plates to keep spinning in the air. And of course, in the middle of everything we were potty training. New big girl bed. Big Deadlines. Traveling for work every weekend. No more morning nap. Several waves of sickness. Heavy things on my heart. Teething. Little sleep. It was a very "woe is me" moment.

In the midst of my pity party I find a text from my husband reading, "this too shall pass." Then I looked up at the bright sky, and felt the Spirit illuminate my heart like the sun shining down. Francis Chan once said that everyday he prays that God stamps eternity on his eyeballs. In the moment of frustration with all the chaos, that became my anthem. Stamp Eternity on my eyeballs, Lord. Will this season last? No. Once my perspective changed and my pride humbled, I could see my full hands as full of blessings. I need daily, minute by minute, breath by breath kind of grace like I’ve never needed before. It's a chance to lean on the power of Christ to get me through - what a joy! I won’t lie and say I don’t (almost daily) ask God how all the pieces are going to work out, how it’s all going to be done, and how I’m going to keep the plates spinning. But it is in these days, if my perspective is right, that I find the truest rest, as nuts as that sounds, smack-dab in the middle of all the spinning, going, doing, mothering, writing, working, investing, and whatever else. Looking to the eternal prize has changed the way I see the mundane, the tantrums, the potty training, the deadlines and whatever else comes. Every moment counts! Each date a chance to strive towards things that will last, and let go of the things that will pass away. And thus, my daily prayer has become - Stamp Eternity on my eyeballs.

  • Read the following verses in your Bible or hover over each verse for quick reference: Colossians 3:2-3 and Psalm 39:4-5.
  • How do you encourage yourself when things seem overwhelming?

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// Jennifer

Jennifer views life like a piece of music - like poetry. The song she sings, and her greatest love is Jesus Christ. He is the melody; everything else in life composes the harmony. Her goal is to make poetry from life, connecting hearts to deeper meaning and purpose in every aspect of life. Following Jesus, mothering, loving her husband, friendships, ministry, writing, leading worship, traveling, working in photography - it's all connected, intertwined and pulled together for one purpose. And that purpose is to live out the unique way that God has designed her life to bring Glory to Himself. Her goal is that her life's melody will be strong, sweeping others up into it, that we may all be lost in something bigger than ourselves. Jennifer, her husband, and precious daughter are a part of Ridgecrest Baptist Church.