Courtney Szollosy // Husbands

The splendor of a three-cord strand is in the crafting. Each twist of the wrist intertwines the strands into a beautiful single braid much stronger than any individual strand. Likewise, when we fully invite God into our marriage and view life’s journey as a way of weaving us into a carefully designed craftsmanship, our marriage becomes a beautiful and steadfast cord.

If you were to ask my husband of thirteen years what makes a good marriage, he would tell you “we divide the burdens and multiply the blessings.” It is the ebb-and-flow of the twisting together of strands that allows us to flourish, even if individually we may be at our weakest. When we face burdens and may be nearing the end of our own strength, we experience God’s grace in knowing we are surrounded by two other strands that give us strength. We were broken together the day we sat staring at an ultrasound void of a once visible heartbeat. We have hurt through the fracturing of close relationships. We face the daily challenge of managing life-long medical issues. But with each burden, we firmly lean in to one another and into God’s goodness. When we carry the burdens together, every twist brings more trust and strength into our faith and marriage. The burdens we experience have become some of our biggest blessings because that is where we truly find God and the security of a strong marriage built on loving each other well.

  • Read James 1:2-4 and 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.
  • How can life challenges be better viewed as an opportunity to lean into love, divide burdens, and allow God to strengthen your marriage?
  • If you have experienced your biggest burden become one of your biggest blessings, would you trade it for an easier life? Does that cause you to look at life’s challenges as a different way to strengthen your marriage and praise God?

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// Courtney

Courtney is a former engineer, turned at home wife to Rob and mom to her adorable daughter, Haleigh. She is a co-writer at Our Not So Engineered Life where she loves to tell the story God is writing about finding faith, grace and purpose through infertility and now in motherhood. She enjoys leading women’s Bible study groups, speaking and serving God through bringing comfort and encouragement to others who are walking through a difficult season of life. Their door is always open to hosting friends who love good food, coffee and laughter.