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You’re probably wondering how this verse in Revelation pertains to you and your family. Well, the enemy wars against us daily. He wars for our safety, for our sanity, for our families and especially against our God given missions here on this earth. We have a secret weapon that many do not know about! Our testimony! What has God done? How has He delivered you? How has He saved you? What is your history with Him? Most of us who have had a relationship with God for very long can trace back to a time when God undeniably showed up and delivered us from a situation. If you don’t have an experience like this, don’t panic! Pray and ask Him specifically to give you an experience that will anchor you to Him and become your testimony. I promise, God will not deny that request! Check out Psalm 40:1-3.

What is a testimony? It is your story about times in your life when you were connected directly with God. It can be when you trusted in Christ for the first time or another experience with God: a child healed, a job provided, a direct word from Him, provisions made out of nowhere, etc. The story of how God stepped into your life and changed your situation. I remember the day that the Lord spoke so clearly to me and told me to marry my husband! I thought I was in love with someone completely different! I have never regretted following that word!

Now, you may ask, why is our testimony important? The answer is two-fold. First, your testimony reminds you of God’s goodness and is our rescue from depression. It allows you to put your current situation in perspective to how God was there for your then and is there for you today and always! I remember the day that my twins were born and we received the diagnosis of Down Syndrome! I was afraid but I remembered when God had healed my son who had a hole in his lung at birth! I knew He would walk us through this the same way and He certainly HAS! Read Philippians 4:8.  

Secondly, our testimony brings about victory in the lives of others! When they hear that God has moved mightily on a person’s behalf, they are encouraged that He can and will do the same for them! When we share our story of how God has been with us every step of the way with our girls, other parents with a Down Syndrome diagnosis can grab hold of that and be encouraged! It is vital!  

This is how we overcome the enemy! Know your testimony and fly it like a flag of victory over the castle of your heart! Remember it and share it often!

  • Read Psalm 40:1-3. What is your testimony?
  • Read Philippians 4:8. How does remembering your testimony fulfill these verses?
  • Read Luke 8:39. Is there anything you can share with the Undivided Women audience in the comments that might encourage someone else?

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// Cara

Cara Coleman is married to Jonathan Coleman and a stay at home mom of four. She has a fifteen year old daughter, ten year old son, and twin six year old girls. Cara and her family attend Harvest Church.